Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume VI

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume VI

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume VI, discussing characters such as Dr. Fate, Darkseid, Deadman, Doctor Mid-Nite, Despero, and many more! We wrap up the show with Who's Who Listener Feedback!

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  1. After listening to this episode, specifically Rob's comment about Thom Zahler during the "Dial H For Hero" entry, I got very curious. After several games of min-golf at cons over the last few years I'd never heard this story, so I reached out to Thom, who confirmed the character he created was "Any-Body" for a "Dial H" back-up story in "The New Adventures of Superboy" #35!