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DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast, Episode 2 - The Atlas of the DC Universe

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents...DC RPG: THE HERO POINTS PODCAST!

Episode 02 - The Atlas of the DC Universe

The second episode of our HERO POINTS PODCAST -- the show that tackles role-playing games set in the DC Universe! This time around Shag and Siskoid chat about THE ATLAS OF THE DC UNIVERSE, from Mayfair Games released in 1990. First, we interview comics legend and author of the Atlas, Paul Kupperberg. Then, we provide an overview of the Atlas pointing out some favorite bits. Finally, we wrap up the show with your Listener Feedback!

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  1. Another fantastic episode, gentlemen. I'll need to double-check my longbox, but I suspect the "confrontation between Superman and Ambush Bug" that destroyed the Uptown area of Metropolis was in DC Comics Presents #52. I recall a lot of destruction in that story (though most was caused by a berzerk Negative Woman), but I had the impression that the area would have been rebuilt by the next issue (wasn't it always?).

    I think Mr. Kupperberg wrote that issue as well. Hmm...


  2. I always thought now would be the perfect time to roleplay the Post-Crisis DCU. The universe has been rebooted, so you could continue the adventures of the Post-Crisis DCU with a Superman forming a Supermen of America to deal with the loss of New Krypton, a Wonder Woman reclaiming her mantle and finding her people again, and a Batman who had visions of a post-apocalyptic future and is determined to stop it. You have a dismantled Justice League and a new Teen Titans reforming under Arsenal and Jericho. You even have new heroes incorporated into the DCU in the form of the Red Circle Line and the Milestone Line that have merged into the main DCU. It seems like a great place to play in with heroes you recognize in new and different ways.

  3. Also, I believe that cut-off Zandia entry was supposed to end along the lines of "...centuries-long curse was finally broken)." -- if that helps.

    One interesting thing about the Silver Twist phenomena (doo doo dee doo doo) that was not mentioned in the Atlas is that the dimensions Green Lantern and Green Arrow travelled to seemed to be keyed to one of the traveller's subconscious in some way. This was to explain why they ended up in a Robin-Hood-type of scenario in Green Lantern Green Arrow #92 (Ollie's influence) and a John-Wayne-Western-like scenario in Green Lantern Green Arrow#110 (Hal's influence).

    And Darkseid saying "Silver Twist" made my day. Thank you.


  4. Xum: I think most people agree it's DCCP's Doom Patrol issue; I just don't think it's fair to blame the Bug for it.

    Gary: Totally! Players would get the chance to continue the stories abandoned when that continuity was Flushpointed.