Sunday, July 19, 2015

Episode 133 - Batman v Superman Trailer

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Episode 133 - Batman v Superman Trailer

Shag is off this week, so Rob and returning guest star Michael Bailey (VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX) share their thoughts on the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer, which debuted at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con! Feel the rage!

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Opening theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler. Closing music by Daniel Adams and Ashton Burge of The Bad Mamma Jammas!

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  1. Rob, I think you've got some misplaced optimism and I feel the need (as a certified bastard) to try and bring you back down to earth. I think you are giving Warner Bros. WAY too much credit in your assumption that they intentionally made a Superman movie that would piss people off so that they could pay it off in the future. No movie studio plays that kind of gambit with a $200 Million film. It seems far more likely that they didn't realize the backlash that would come from the climax of Man of Steel, and this is a making lemonade out of lemons situation. Now, if they do it right it may end up as very tasty lemonade, but there's no way this was a grand scheme to get us to a better second film.

    On the same note I think you're going to be very let down in your hope that Justice League will see the introduction of light and hope and genuine heroes into this universe. The fans (not comic book fans necessarily, I'm talking movie fans) who are gravitating towards this world are the ones that DC/WB collected with its Batman films. In other words these are fans who want the darker aspects, and can be quite vocal about that. I believe WB is fully aware of this, along with the fact that Marvel has the lighter, brighter more fun side of superheroes pretty much locked down at the moment. I think it's much more likely that WB will continue to cultivate dour dark aspects than suddenly turn the light on. Shazam might be your only reprieve, since early word was that it would not be integrated into the other films and the assumption is because it's going to have a wildly different and lighter tone.

    You're welcome for spoiling your fun. I'll be here all week.