Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Film & Water Podcast Episode 11: Mad Monster Party



Just in time for Halloween, host Rob Kelly welcomes Chris Franklin (SUPER MATES PODCAST) to discuss the 1967 Rankin-Bass animated film MAD MONSTER PARTY! Do the Mummy!

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  1. Great episode! I'd never heard of the sequel Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters...but a quick check turned it up on Amazon for 4.32 on DVD. I'll be watching both later this week! Thanks guys!

  2. Thank you for reawakening my nostalgia, gentlemen.

    I was always under the impression that Yetch was a zombie. I seem to recall there was a line that actually confirmed this. I will need to rewatch it (with the kids this year) to be sure…

    To save you an eBay expense, you can read the complete Dell Comics adaptation at the Monster Comics Blog here:

    Some of the characters are colored a bit differently (with a completely different monster playing the role of “It”, most likely for legal reasons). Also, some of the jokes were rewritten to the adaptation’s detriment (e.g., the replacement for “I wanted you to know I am no easy pick-up.” is not funny at all). Still, it is a fun read… though the movie is much better.

    And Allan Swift was indeed a fantastic yet underrated talent. Did you know he also voiced Riff-Raff, Electric Eel, Batty Man, and many other Underdog characters as well?

  3. I have rewatched this with the kids (their first viewing) this weekend, and I can confirm the line about Yetch.

    After the Mummy dance, Francesca asks Dracula onto the balcony during the Mummy dance to enlist him in her plot to get rid of Flanken. Dracula makes a pass at her, and she responds: "Stop this foolishness. You're as bad as that zombie, Yetch."

    And now we know...