Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Film & Water Podcast Episode 22: Star Wars: The Force Awakens



It's finally here! Rob and guests The Irredeemable Shag, Chris Franklin, and Ryan Daly get together to discuss STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

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Closing music courtesy Oscar Isaac and Nick the Lounge Singer.

Thanks for listening! May The Force Be With You!


  1. Enjoyed listening to this episode today. Thought you guys brought up a ton of great points.

    For myself, I've seen it twice, and I loved it. I was there in '77 (I was 4). I've got to say, I think TFA has replace Jedi as my favorite of the films. I though it was that good.

  2. A lot of things I agree with. You blew my mind a couple times (nice theories; and hey did you see the picture comparisons of Snoke's scars and Vader's?). The love Rob owes to Oscar Isaac, I owe to Adam Driver, so I was going to be on board with Kylo Ren no matter what, probably.

    Ryan's sour opinions about the way Han dies makes me want to defend it though. If you're looking for redemption stories, this is Han's. He's been running away from responsibility all his life - whether that's represented by Jabba, or initially not wanting to throw in with the rebels, or not committing to Leia, or leaving his family. This is the moment where he chooses fatherly duty over space adventures and it's clear in his face that, given the choice between killing his son and letting his son kill him, he can only do the latter. This is Han's most heroic moment, negotiating for his son's soul, even though it's a lost cause. This is where he is truest to Ben Jr., to Leia, and ultimately, to himself. It beats any kind of "blaze of glory" scenario we might think of.

    All that to say that your podcast made me more enthusiastic about The Force Awakens, so it did its job.