Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Film & Water Podcast Episode 14: Dawn of the Dead/Burnt Offerings



It's a horror-ible double feature! First up, Rob Kelly once again welcomes guest Mike Gillis (RADIO VS. THE MARTIANS) to discuss the groundbreaking horror classic, George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD! Let's go to the mall everybody! That's followed by Rob and guest Richard Harland Smith from TCM's Movie Morlocks to talk about 1976's BURNT OFFERINGS starring Karen Black, Oliver Reed, and Bette Davis!

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  1. I haven't seen Dawn of the Dead in decades, but I did watch Night of the Living Dead with a group of Boy Scouts this weekend. No seriously. After a Zombie Walk at a local state park, my son's Scout troop took in the park's screening of the Romero classic.

    I think it's interesting that Romero has gone on record that the Venus probe radiation was a red herring, because if you watch the film, it just comes out and states that as the cause several times! The newscasters are pretty emphatic about it.

    You do get a strong African-American hero in Ben in the first film as well, but Barbara, as portrayed in the final cut, was a neurotic mess.

    I think when I saw Dawn I was way too young to get any of the social commentary, but I could definitely see it now. You did see some of that personal greed in "Night" in the person of the father/husband who didn't care about anyone but himself, but obviously Romero made that a central theme here.

    Enjoyed the lively but somewhat depressing talk with Mike on this film!

    Burnt Offerings is totally new on me, but you had me at Oliver Reed. Being a big Hammer fan, I of course think of Curse of the Werewolf, but Reed is amazing in the Psycho-inspired thriller, Paranoiac, also by Hammer. That movie has some definite surprises and chills in it.

    I'm going to have to keep an eye on TCM and see if this will come up on the schedule. Big fan of Dark Shadows, Kolchak, and Curtis' version of Dracula with Jack Palance, so I think I would really enjoy this film.

    Now that you've had a pro like Mr. Smith on to discuss a film, amateur podcasters like myself will seem like sorry substitutes!

    Thanks for covering all of these great spooky movies, Rob. It's been a blast!


  2. Oooh a giant throw pillow- What's cooler than that?!

    I for one have no problem with a little well deserved critique. I love comics too that's why I take excepetion when one of my favorite titles go this far off the rails. It's not negativity to break down why somehting isnt working just as it's weak to overly celebrate stuff just because. There are so many comics podcast that say they focus on only what they love. Boring. It's about balance and a little mix up about why something sucks is healthy.