Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who's Who: Update '88 Volume 1

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Network Presents: WHO'S WHO UPDATE '88: VOLUME 1

A new era of WHO'S WHO begins with UPDATE '88! Shag and Rob take a look at new and updated characters such as Atom II, Doctor Fate II, Duchess, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Green Flame, Green Lantern, and more! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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  1. Another great episode so far, gentlemen. I have listened up to the beginning of the feedback section, but I thought I would submit some answers and random comments on the issue itself while they are still fresh in my mind:

    BLUE TRINITY: According to page 1 of Flash v2 #8, Gregor Gregorivich was “The first human specifically designed to live comfortably at 700 MPH.” So I presumed his misshapen anatomy was intentional and possibly due to genetic modification.

    BLACKHAWKS: The first “Lady Blackhawk” from the Quality Comics, who first appeared in issue #40 of the first Blawkhark series, was actually named “She-Hawke”, and her real name was (wait for it…) Sheila Hawke. I believe she was a rich debutante that was inspired by the Blackhawks to create the “She-Hawke” identity.

    CHUNK: The “THE CHUNK!” logo was taken right off the cover of Flash v2 #9, which may explain the exclamation point.

    DANNY CHASE: I do remember this character’s “Phantasm” phase when Danny Chase pretended to be dead to be one of the more interesting concepts (at least to me) of the otherwise uninspiring (again, at least to me) “Titan’s Hunt” storyline, though I found the “mystery” behind who the Phantasm was to be blatantly obvious. I must admit I did enjoy the portrayal of Danny Chase during the brief times Marv Wolfman and George Pérez worked together again on the Titans series – especially during the (not so) recent “Games” graphic novel in which Pérez depicted him as a young River Phoenix.

    DR. FATE: I did not read this new direction of the series, but it was interesting to hear that the “original” (albeit retconned) intention of Dr. Fate was to be a merging of Kent and Inza. Interesting fact: Nabu, Kent, and Inza actually merged into the Dr. Fate form once in the back-up story in The Flash v1 #313, which I believe was reprinted in the “The Immortal Dr. Fate” deluxe edition reprint mini-series.

    DR. MIST: I briefly remember that short-lived “adorable” Zatanna costume from Secret Origins v2 #27, though I do not remember it ever being shown again after that story…

    DUMAS: Anyone who had seen the “thick-headed” A&W Root Beer television advert campaign may have thought of a third alternative for pronouncing this name…

    FIRESTORM: Joe Brozowski is actually renowned (or it that notorious) for re-using (re: swiping) artwork, as we will see eventually when we start covering those issues in future episodes of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST…

    Of course, many of my “Xum’s Who” entries lifted (and will continue to lift) a lot of existing comic panel artwork from artists (though they are credited), so my apologies in advance for that…

  2. FOREVER PEOPLE: I would definitely be sold on an “Up With Forever People” Hanna Barbera cartoon with Mel Blanc as “Speed Cycle”…

    GANGBUSTER: The decapitated woman’s head is Lois Lane’s, by the way. This was during the time she and Delgado were starting to become romantically involved, I believe.

    GHOST: I am curious if the “other purpose” for that full-color Broderick-Janke pin-up artwork was for the Captain Atom series… or even the canceled “Comics Cavalcade Weekly” project…

    G’NORT: Another take on this joke character: the producers of “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” uses “G’nortz” as a curse word used by Kilowog on numerous occasions (and Hal used it a few times as well)…

    GODIVA: Though I see her as a “one-time” character, she did show up one more time in the New Teen Titans series (issue #44 of the Baxter run), and then in a minor role in a Wonder Woman issue in the early naughties that featured a team of several female villains led by Circe.

    GREEN FLAME: I believe the “radiator pillow” Green Flame is leaning on is actually a bag of charcoal. And Shag is actually correct in his use of the term “voracity”, which is an actual word that means “the quality of being voracious”. What’s more, Shag actually pronounced it correctly (vaw-RASS-ih-tee).

    HARLEQUIN: As the Who’s Who entry has no doubt stated, the Marcie Cooper version of this character was inspired by the Golden Age Molly Mayne version, who also wielded a mandolin. Duela Dent’s Harlequin never used that instrument, but did sport a checkerboard pattern on parts of her costume, I believe…

    More to come. My thanks for the hours of fun and somewhat-nostalgia, gentlemen…

  3. Hold on. There is a character that is an underwater nazi werewolf? How is this not one of Aquaman's arch enemies up there with Black Manta and Ocean Master?

  4. Hold on. There is a character that is an underwater nazi werewolf? How is this not one of Aquaman's arch enemies up there with Black Manta and Ocean Master?

  5. Just finished listening to the episode this afternoon. Another great episode, thank you gentlemen.

    However...there was a lot of huffing and gasping at the buried lead of "Shag hates Legends of Tomorrow."

    The first two episodes were the pilot episode split up. Let's give it a few more episodes to find it's ground. Yes, I had a couple of problems with the episode (namely, Professor Stein drugging Jax). But overall loved it. I'm shocked at Shag's dislike for Rip, *especially* because he's being played by Arthur Darvull. I thought Darvull was intentionally playing it up for this band of losers. I think he knows a lot less than we're seeing, and he's trying to look big and impressive to them now. I bet he's more complex than we're seeing.

    Wentworth Miller, who is playing Captain Cold, is definitely stealing the show.

    Any, thanks again for another great episode.

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